Strawberries and Corn

Hi! This is a view from a farm in Parral which is nice city autside of Santiago. An intersting thing about Parral is in that place was born Pablo Neruda who was a great poet. But the things is... in the picture you can see a strawberries and corn.
That demand a lot of job for gather the harvest, and is coming the second season for the strawberries so they need to die first for re born.



Hello!!!!! sorry !!! , I forgot my password, so I could'nt post. ...but here I´m

This college its from Valparaiso, which it's the city where I was in my University stage, and those beautiful cars are toys for child, so obviously many years ago, I had a great moments run very fast for Victoria square, this cars working by "pedals" like a bike.
The other shoots are from hills than have a lot of house...It's very colorful and shining city on summer.

This photos are 2006, but I want to put in this blog , becouse I like to share those wonderful colors with your guys.

(and at the same time when a took this photo I was with the most important person in my whole life)

So I try to upload more frequently.

See you!!!


Storm is near...

lanterns Lights

Not all the city is similiar to this picture, but the lanterns are really nice on winter's afternoons.
And this street it's very calm for walk out.


Business Area

This photo was took in summer. Santiago, It's a city with many contradiction. This photo, and the preview are located in the new business area. I will hope to show you other places.




Fountain of lights

I took this picture in Summer season, in that time the weather was warmy....now We are in autumn, near of winter and the temperature at same hour has fall and It's very cold.